• "The confidence of finding a good staff match, permanent or temporary, reduced my stress...All my parameters were met because I chose who I wanted to hire based on (specific dental requirements)...Whether you are in the office or remote, finding a good fit is made easy on DirectDental.com" Barbara Young, DDS

  • "Super easy to use, straight to the point, and I like it because I can post when I’m available for other offices to see" Allyza, RDH

  • “We had a very high production day and my assistant called out sick the morning of. I was able to sign into DirectDental and was texting with an assistant within minutes. She was at my office 45 minutes later and we didn’t have to reschedule any patients.” Dr. Shelton, DMD

View how it works for Dental Professionals!

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Why for Dental Professionals?

View how it works for Dental Practices!

Also, check out

Why for Dental Practices?